We chose Cascais as the Marina of choice.  I knew from a previous visit to Lisbon that it is a rather ritzy area although not cheap.  We found the Marina staff very helpful and courteous and this time we had to make repairs to the sailbag and zipper.  It may sound like Meg is falling apart but the truth is when you sail in heavy weather things break or get torn and coming out of the Mediterranean it was always on the cards.  Lisbon is a 30 minute taxi ride from Cascais.




On a short visit it is good to experience the quintessential flavours of the city and for Lisbon that should include a visit to one of Lisbon’s Fado houses.  This is the soulful music that sprang up over a hundred years ago and is enjoying a great resurgence now.  Dinner and music where the diners are encouraged to join in on the chorus – great fun with a bottle or two of the local red.

The other specialty is Bacalhau the reconstituted salt cod.  Looks like leather hanging in the market but as cod balls as an apertiser – yum!

For Rory and Sarah it was time to leave us and fly to London and for Paul it was time to join the voyage of discovery.  

Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law to be.
Father-in-law and Daughter-in-law to be.

Sarah deserves a gold medal for her endurance as she never complained when she was feeling unwell.  Sorry Sarah, it was not the best introduction to sailing and I hope you will join us again in the warmer climes.  As for Rory, I believe he has inherited the ‘McGuigan cast iron stomach’ and for his efforts got to stand watch when the captain was tired and the rest of the crew were infirm.  Well done Rory!

Rory at the helm and Sarah at his side




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