Passage Making

So Paul and I had a good sleep and set a course for Ireland.  We had a good sail up the Portuguese/Spanish Coast as far as Finisterre and then headed out across the Bay of Biscay and making way under sail and averaging 6 knots.


Our luck ran out at 2200hrs on 19 May when the wind died and we had to motor.  You know you are in the Atlantic Ocean when you see the huge ground swells with long periods between the swells, but this morning when I woke up the sea was oily without so much as a russle on it.

Motoring is finite as we loaded 250 litres of diesel which if push came to shove would give us about 360 Nm and we had 670 Nm to complete the leg to Kinsale. After consulting the Irish pilot I think we may go into the Royal Cork Yacht Club which is the oldest yacht club in the world and dates back to 1720!

As I write we are 250 Nm from Cork.  We are almost close enough to smell the Guinness!

With one captain and only one crew the last thing you want is mutiny.  I reminded Paul that mutiny is still considered a very serious offence and he is now accepting orders readily.

Joshua Slocum (Alone around the world) a pioneer in single handed sailing once wrote, “the crew only ever cooks what the captain wants and the captain is always well pleased with it.”


3 thoughts on “Passage Making

  1. Anne

    Great work Captain! I love that the crew is now falling into line. plank walking seems so primitive but if push comes to shove ….. make sure you capture it on video!!! Safe travels and cheers to the Guinness!

  2. Hi Noel, looks like the trip is going well, apart from some repairs and not so good weather!!! Hope the time in Dublin goes well with Sarah and Luke. Guinness for everyone perhaps!!! Have a good few days with them. Mark

  3. past sea hand companion Nev.

    Great news that you have toughed it out safely up the coast Noel. Best regards to Graham and Paul. We could do with a little of your wind and sunshine – we have had a dirty weather day in NZ and it is expected to go minus 5 degrees tonight in Christchurch!! thought you may enjoy to know that. P.S. we leave for Eastern Europe on Friday. Best regards, Nev.

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