Crosshaven Marina and Cork City

The Royal Cork Yacht Club is the oldest yacht club in the world and dates back to 1720.

Graham had arrived the day before and was part of the reception committee that greeted us.  He had checked that the bar was open and once tied up we made a beeline for the club bar.  The Guinness tasted great but one pint was not enough to quell the thirst so we had another, which was just as good as the first one!



Graham announced that the SSB radio had one blown circuit board which had to come from the U.S. and would take a week to fix.  This is currently being attended to and will be shipped to a future port of call.

Our Kiwi flag was in tatters after the gale force winds and so we resurrected an old one by having it hemmed at the local dry cleaners.


We went in to Cork City for a look around and then took a taxi to Blarney Castle.  Bryan McGuinn who comes from Cork told me that his mother would never let him kiss the Blarney Stone as she said that then he would never shut up!!  We took the risk and kissed it in the traditional upside down manner, and it made an immediate difference to our ‘eloquence’.


After returning to the Royal CorkYacht Club the Admiral Pat Lyons invited us to attend the monthly club dinner.  The guest speaker was the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Irish Armed Forces, a navy man.

I made a short speech thanking the club for the hospitality we had received and, fortified by the effects of the Blarney Stone, it was very well received.  The Admiral then presented me with a club tie.  The bar finally closed at 2am with Captain and crew in great spirits having enjoyed the benefit of refreshment including ‘a few wee sharpeners’.

On 25 May we sailed for Dublin.  With the northerly gales that had been blowing we expected this leg (160 Nm) to take 36 hours, but the push we got from the current sent us up the Irish Coast at a speed of 9 knots and we arrived at Dun Laoghaire Marina at 1530hrs on 26 May.

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