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We steamed out into the Sound and under a massive concrete bridge linking the mainland with the island of Oeland. The Swedes must have spent a fortune on the building of bridges as there is so much water separation throughout the land.

The Sound was typically only 12 metres deep with some shallows and rocks but was well marked with lateral buoys.

The wind had moved further east to East North East which gave us a narrow wind angle enough to sail a course which was only 12 degrees off the rhumb line and we were happy with that.

We were however still ‘in chains’ as opposed to ‘sailing free’. There was a strong breeze and we were able to make 6.5 knots into a sea that was rough without being very rough.

It was decided that we would try to enter Stockholm via the south channel. We studied the chart and there were a couple of notations in Swedish which we could not translate. The channel became very narrow and perhaps there was a locking system we would have to negotiate.

Best call Lisa for clarification when in cellphone range.

More later…

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